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  • conducting customer satisfaction surveys to understand what areas of the company’s services need improvements

  • catering to customer phone calls and diverting the call to the relevant department for a more advanced form of query resolution

  • curating streamlined email and social media communication mediums for offers, updates and much more

  • dealing with customer issues and churning out an easy-to-follow solution

  • managing payment and delivery of customer orders

  • helping customers choose the right product for their requirements and budget

  • handling customer concerns and complaints in a timely manner

  • informing customers of upcoming promotions or deals

  • establishing a positive rapport with all clients and customers in person or via phone

  • forming reports based on customer satisfaction statistics and helping their team to develop new skills

  • fixing appointments based on the availability of customers and clients

  • interacting with customers to ensure they have a desirable and shareable experience

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