Swadeshi group of companies

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Swadeshi group of companies

Founded by Mr. K.V. Avarankutty Haji in1948 has many firsts to its credit; viz. the first full-fledged tile unit in Malabar since its inception, the first granite factory in 1970 and incidentally, the first direct importers of Italian Marbles in 1980s. Offering the most elegant and first quality natural stones has our thrust area ever since. He set up two new companies in the group viz. Mermeritalia Building Products (P) Ltd – which specializes in import of Italian marbles and retails the product in the state of Kerala. Mermer Building Consultants (P) Ltd – which company provides value-added consultancy services to a wide range of customers in the area of building solutions.

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Swadeshi group of companies
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